I’m Ryan Jones, I was born in Guyana. I moved to Brooklyn when I was 9, then moved to Pennsylania in my early thirties with my now wife. If you can’t tell by the content of this blog I’m 100% a geek. I’ve been working in the technology field for about 16 years, doing everything from a break/fix technician, Network administraion, Server Administration for both Windows and Linux to finally being a Laad Systems Engineer at a well known streaming company.

I have many hobbies that turned into businesses. I’m a photographer with a passion for landscape and beauty photography, I also run a small photography business on weekends. I also run a Consulting/Managed Service Provider Company with the innovative name Jones IT Consulting

I love programming, messing around with sensors and home automation. A rescent hobby has been Amateur radio. I’m KC3URO Feel free to say hi if you hear me on (DMR)[] or on my (Local Repater)[]

I still play some video games, specicially Flight Simulators, some shooters and Real Time Strategy. When I’m not spending time with my family, I spend hours tinkering in my home lab which is the genesis of this blog.