This post highlights the workflow for using Incinga2 as a task runner and exporting results to Influxdb for reporting. There are some network devices that use none standard MIBs and O.I.Ds. While it is possible to simply poll a given O.I.D using the ISO format, for example This works great except it simply doesn’t scale beyond a few devices, i.e 1-5 device is fine … Continue reading ICINGA2 SNMP and INFLUXDB

So I have a Raspberry Pi, now what?

Like the title of this post says. I finally decided to jump on the single board computing bandwagon and got myself a Raspberry Pi. When I originally bought it, I had the idea of running Ansible or maybe CFengine to control my VPS server, You know simple tasks like running upgrades etc, maybe aggregate my logs into a format that’s easily readable and searchable. But … Continue reading So I have a Raspberry Pi, now what?