This post highlights the workflow for using Incinga2 as a task runner and exporting results to Influxdb for reporting. There are some network devices that use none standard MIBs and O.I.Ds. While it is possible to simply poll a given O.I.D using the ISO format, for example This works great except it simply doesn’t scale beyond a few devices, i.e 1-5 device is fine … Continue reading ICINGA2 SNMP and INFLUXDB

Intel NUC is a life saver

This should be a pretty quick post about a tiny little computer that I used for the first time, no i’m not talking about about the Raspberry Pi. The particular little box I’m referring to is the Intel NUC or Next Unit of Computing. It’s basically a barebones system, just add a hard drive and memory. The short version of this story, is my company … Continue reading Intel NUC is a life saver

Data Back-up and Media Storage/Serving

It’s not too often that I write a post designed for the consumer, actually to my recollection I have never written anything with mom and dad in mind. Even though we are geared more towards businesses, we still do a relatively large amount of consumer services. With that said, the usual problems that we deal with on a regular basis are usually a completely failed … Continue reading Data Back-up and Media Storage/Serving

IT Budget shrinking?.. Go Green!

By now we have all heard the of the pounding Wall Street is taking, huge investment banks are being devoured by larger commercial banks like Bank of America. Now I have a close friend that works for one of these global investment banks as an analyst, a bank that was about to be on the chopping block waiting to be taken over by yet another … Continue reading IT Budget shrinking?.. Go Green!