My blog is filled with all sorts of content, but one thing that’s not on here is gardening! To be fair I’m not a gardener, I only became interested during the pandemic because I had a lot of time to kill and was looking for stuff to do.  So you know, build your wife a garden. Shopping list:
  • 100 ft of hose
  • Chicken wire
  • Lumber
  • Garden irrigation kit
  • Topsoil
  • Landscape fabric
  • Lawn staples
  • Basic gardening tools
  • Gloves ( if you don’t want to spend 15 mins washing dirt off your hands and finger nails)
Pick the area where you want to plant your garden, pick a place where there is plenty of constant direct sunlight (6+ hrs). You can do a raised bed but I chose to do in ground. Build your garden, I’m not Bob Villa so I can’t really help with this, in my case I had a friend come over to help me build and paint mine.
Finished painting
Make sure you clear all the grass and weeds in the area, one strategy for this is to cover the area with cardboard for a couple of weeks. After almost everything has died remove any remaining stragglers and try to get roots when possible. Put down the topsoil in the garden, make sure it’s about 2 inched thick, there is a website that will help you calculate just how much topsoil you need, in my case it  worked out to be 24 bags of .75 cu ft bags. Now for the fun part, get yourself a tiller, I rented mine from Home Depot for about $35 for 4 hours, run the tiller over the soil in order to mix the existing soil and the new top soil( heads up several  passes will be needed. This is needed especially if you have hard soil high in clay like I do.
Tilled soil
The next step is to put down your irrigation tubing if you chose to go that route, followed by the Landscape fabric using the staples to secure it.
Bury your irrigation tubing about 1 inch under the soil
Cover with Lanscape Fabric
. Voila! You’re ready to plant, I use seedlings, cut a hole big enough to plant the seedlings making sure to backfill the soil, then replace the fabric to help keep those weeds at bay.