Back in December I had my company order me a Dell XPS 13 9360 Developer Edition. After getting it I immediately nuked it and installed Solus, the install went smooth but then I noticed issues with the display manager. I have two external displays and USB-C dock. I couldn’t get the resolutions correct or the orientation of my 23 Inch display to work properly. So naturally I try Arch next and ran into the same issues. After losing a full workday I decided to go back to the stock Ubuntu 1604 and was able to work mostly OK for a while but had issues with the dock and decided to install the latest LTS Kernel which made things better but still not perfect. In the end I ended up installing 1710 and have been very satisfied.

Next was software, using Libre Office has been just fine as I’m by no means a power user of office. My company uses office 365 so I needed to find a good solution to email and calendar. Thunderbird has plug-ins but it felt like that entire set up was a bit of a cludge, so I set out to try other solution. I tired a combination of Minetime and Mailspring. Which more or less worked but Mailspring was unstable and the UI never worked well for me.. Ended up settling on Hiri which is a paid product, however it does what it says on the tin.

In the end i’ve been happy with my decision, there are still a few things that I needed to sort out like RDP, JavaWeb and SPICE. All of which there are native binaries in the Ubuntu repository.. Anyway the adventure continues