Where do I Begin?
Photography is one of my many hobbies. I like landscape and some architectural photography. The reason I like it so much is it challenges me my in a way that my other hobbies don’t and it helps me express the small amount of artistic talent that I have. But most of all I think it is the least technical hobbies that I have. It doesn’t involve complex technology, no switch and firewall configurations to manage, no source code to write or modify, just camera, lens, subject and photons. I’d say I’m still finding my way in this hobby which is made difficult by annoying obligations like needing earn a living and paying bills.


Recently I’ve been watching some videos on youtube by a photographer named Serge Ramelli, he has these cool videos on long exposure photography. After weeks of just not having time to even attempt it I finally got a few hours this past weekend to give it a try and what resulted was far less than useable. So bad in fact that I’ve decided to spare the world the pain of having to unsee the images.