These days the biggest buzzwords in the IT industry have been the expansion of Cloud computing and the major push towards virtualizing the traditional computing infrastructure. But with these two new concepts come questions from business owners like you and me and the biggest question without a doubt has to be “which one is better?” or “which should i use?” While there is no one answer that can work for everyone I will say this, for some things it maybe better in the long run for certain services to be outsourced to cloud providers. One such things would be storage especially back up storage. There tons backup providers out there, for instance, Carbonite, Mozy and some ISPs are now providing backup services. However the other services seem to have limitations, for example Google Docs work great for simple documents and make it real easy to share those file, Microsoft also has a similar service called office live, and while this is a bit more robust than the Google alternative allowing you to create and/or edit files in your traditional Office applications and via the Office Live plug-in you can save it to you cloud account which like Google give you about 5gig of storage, which is pretty modest I must say. In the the end I still don’t think the various technologies have evolved enough to a serious consideration at this point, even though it may have its merits the price of small business servers including second hand or whitebox servers not to mention the fact that users will need to be able to get on the internet at all times limits the use for now until offline editing becomes more prevalent.