For years I’ve been dabbling with programming without much success, however a couple years ago I went back to finish my undergrad degree in Computer Science which has meant a near instant level up! I’ve made some toy apps are part of my school projects and I have a couple of large for me at least applications that I want to write. In my quest to get better at programming and because I’m looking to diversify my income, I decided to work on creating a new company that sells game server rentals. The twist is I’m not going to make a huge monolithic app, instead I’m going to go the route of using micro services. Starting with a basic auth service. This service will allow users to sign up and then it will allow users to login using JSON Web Token(JWT).

Tech I will be using

I’m going to attempt to capture all of this on video and release on my Youtube Channel

How’s it supposed to work

  1. Send credentials
  2. Check the user DB
  3. If credentials are valid return the JWT
  4. If not valid return 404
Sign UP
  1. Check if account exists
  2. If the account exists return and error
  3. If user doesn’t exist create the account in the db
  4. Return success

Here are the diagrams covered in the video User Database

High Level Diagram

Here is a short video summarizing the project.