Home labbin’ IT 5 – Moving to Freenas

This week we are talking about migrating from UNRAID to Freenas. Let’s start with the why. For about a year I’ve been using UNRAID as my storage/VM/docker platform and it’s been awesome. However like it says in the title, UNRAID is not raid, which has some good benefits and some pretty significant downsides. Because it doesn’t use RAID it means I can mix an match … Continue reading Home labbin’ IT 5 – Moving to Freenas


This post highlights the workflow for using Incinga2 as a task runner and exporting results to Influxdb for reporting. There are some network devices that use none standard MIBs and O.I.Ds. While it is possible to simply poll a given O.I.D using the ISO format, for example This works great except it simply doesn’t scale beyond a few devices, i.e 1-5 device is fine … Continue reading ICINGA2 SNMP and INFLUXDB